sugar baby

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears”

A letter arrived from our eldest Sugar Gnome’s  preschool today.
Yes, a note from a school, her school, addressed to me: parent of a school-aged child.
Allow me please, to indulge my hysteria.

Layla, it seems, is ready for prekindergarten.  It’s as if the bubble that surrounds our home has sprung a leak and I can’t stop the air from escaping. I never imagined this day would actually come. I mean, on a cerebral level, of course the babies would, ahem, will go off to school…eventually, but… the thought of weighty backpacks harnessed to still new shoulders has been far, far away till now… If I hear one more person tell me ‘ you’ll blink and they’re in college,’ I will stick a fork in my leg.

The little window from womb to world (tightly sealed for so long,)
is gaping wide, never to be reclosed,
and all the elements of the outside and of the days and years to come are on the cusp of trickling through.

I pray for mostly sun.

29 days.

1 month before our mermaid is a schoolgirl!IMG_1536